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5 Interesting Facts About Chinese

Chinese civilization is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. While China has defeated the world in modern development, it also has the honour of keeping its ancient traditions alive and not letting them disappear. That is why his style of society seems to be a mixture of ancient and modern, which is hardly seen in the rest of the world tomorrow. We will tell you today about some of these special things.

1: Eat Everything That Moves:

There is a famous saying about the Chinese people that they eat every four-legged thing except the table. They eat everything that flies except helicopters and planes, and they eat everything that floats except submarines. These include dishes ranging from fish to butterfly eggs. That’s why people around the world blame China for the spread of the coronavirus.

2: Noodles Instead Of Cakes On Birthdays:

Noodles are one of the most important foods eaten in China. These people can eat noodles anytime, anywhere, from breakfast to dinner. Especially on the occasion of birthday, special kind of noodles are made which are several feet long and they are put in a bowl and served. The length of these nuclei indicates longevity.

3: Birthdays Are Celebrated Ten Years Later:

People around the world celebrate their birthdays every year on the day they are born, but the Chinese nation has a unique tradition in this regard and they celebrate their birthdays according to their ancient tradition of having their first birthday. Celebrate 30 days after the birth, then celebrate the second birthday at the age of six, and then every ten years.

4: Ducks Are Employed As a Police:

The Chinese nation is the only nation in the world where the police include ducks who patrol all night and catch thieves by making noise when they see them, while similarly 10,000 pigeons are recruited in the army inside China. Whose job is messaging and they are specially trained for it.

5: Mosquito Factories:

China is one of the only countries in the world to have mosquito breeding factories. These factories are built to fight dengue. It breeds male mosquitoes, which include bacteria that, after being released, attract female mosquitoes and destroy their reproductive capacity.

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