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A fruit that naturally lowers your blood pressure?

High blood pressure has become so common that today one in four people suffers from it and even taking medicine does not make it possible to get rid of it permanently. However, now scientists have identified a fruit that naturally lowers the patient’s blood pressure. According to the Daily Star, cardiologist Dr Stephen Sinatra says: “Patients with high blood pressure should eat plenty of all kinds of fruits and vegetables as it lowers blood pressure. However, in this regard, Has the status of constant use naturally lowers blood pressure. Explaining the reason, Dr. Stephen said, “Blueberries have high flavonoid content and powerful antioxidant properties that not only lower blood pressure but also speed up memory.” Scientists have also shown in a study that the anthocyanins found in blueberries are very helpful in lowering blood pressure. In the study, people who were fed blueberries had a 10 per cent lower blood pressure than others.

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