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Albert Einstein Bio, Wikipedia, Age,

Who is Albert Einstein:

Albert Einstein was a great physicist of all time. Einstein is known for his theory of relativity. He always has a clear view of problems. He is a German physicist. He developed so many special theories.

Biography Of Albert Einstein:

Full Name Albert Einstein
Birth Place Ulm Germany
Age 76 years old
Date of birth March 14 1879
Zodiac sign Pisces
Height 1.75 Meter
weight 70 kilograms
wife Mileva Maric
Qualification PhD
Education PhD from the University of Zurich
Father Name Hermann Einstein
Mother Name Pauline Einstein
Nationality American, Switzerland, Germany, Prussian, Weimer
Sibling Maja Einstein
Kids Three
Sons Two(Eduard Einstein), (Hans Albert Einstein)
Daughter One(Lieserl Einstein)
Networth 634 dollar
Albert Einstein Biography

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