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Bilal Khattak Biography

Who Is Bilal Khattak?

Bilal Khattak is a Pakistani singer, music producer, composer and electrical engineer who basically belongs to district Karak which is an arid region located in the Southwest of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He has a versatile personality. Bilal Khattak is also a lyricist and can play multiple musical instruments as well like Cajon, Djembe and Rabab.

He sings both in Urdu and Pashto language. Recently, Bilal came up with some melodious collection of his Pashto songs which has been highly appreciated by his followers.

Where Was Bilal Khattak Born?

Bilal Khattak was born on 22nd June 1992 in district Karak.

Short Biography:

Full NameBilal Khattak
BirthplaceDistrict Karak, kpk
Date of birthJune 22nd, 1922
Zodiac signCancer
Height5 feet and 8 inch
Age29 years ( 2022)
Father nameShaj Muhammad
Siblings6 elder brothers and 1 sister
Instagram followers921 followers
Youtube channel subscribers10.4k till date ( 2-April-2022 )
ProfessionElectrical Engineer, Singer, Music producer and composer
Bilal Khattak’s Short Biography

Detailed Biography:

Bilal Khattak belongs to district Karak which is 123km away from Peshawar and is included in the Kohat division. He was born on June 22nd, 1992 in Karak, Baden Khel. After completing his Fsc ( 12th grade ) from Karak, he decided to move to Peshawar to pursue further education.

This made him to graduate as an Electrical Engineer from Abasyn University Peshawar in 2017. He is a very creative person by birth. His mind kept on hunting for new adventures to seek knowledge day by day.

During this exploration for something new and worthy to learn, he found himself falling for a guitar by the end of the year 2012. At this very moment, he was curious to know how exactly a guitar can be played. This made him to buy it and start learning to play an acoustic guitar.

Later on, in 2013, he realized that this is not enough as now his lust and curiosity for music was increasing which made him to grasp on and polish his musical skills to the fullest. This turns him to learn how to play other musical instruments also, but now he has also started to write his own songs and make compositions which turned out to be his great melodious songs.

As Bilal had polished his tremendous music skills and released his first song by the name ” AYE ZINDAGI” in 2013, leading to the release of his second song ” BEPERWAH “and the third song ” MANN HAY KHAFA “.

Somehow this was not satisfying his thirst for the music he wanted to introduce his own musical style. So, he decided not to limit himself only to playing musical instruments or writing and making the songs but he should also need to start producing songs where he could create and present the musical content in his own style.

During this struggle, it has been very tough for him to continue as there were many moments of frustration due to the negativity about music that he came across to face from the surroundings, which puts him under pressure and lowers his morale.

But Bilal used this negativity and pressure to build himself and kept on working to come up with something creative to his standards. His passion and devotion towards the music kept him going on and growing on professionally, made him a one-man show.

Now Bilal Khattak owns his own production house named ” BK RECORDS ” where he did not only work for himself but recorded many singers and produced their melodious songs.

One of his most viewed and famous song is in the Pashto language named ” ZAMA KHKULAY JANANA “ which is highly appreciated and liked by his fans and crossed a Million of views on Youtube. Recently, he released another Pashto song ” MATTI MATTI ” which is in his Native language ” Khattak Pashto “ and his being liked by his fans too.

If you want to visit his channel then click on his name Bilal Khattak

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