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Bungle Bungle: Western Australia’s Startling Mountain Range, Experts Also Surprised

The Bungle Bungle is located in Purnululu National Park in Western Australia and is considered one of the most interesting places in the world.

Geologists are still struggling to understand how these uniquely shaped mountains came into being.

These hills are 300 meters above the grassy ground and their shape is like a dome which is orange and black in color.

Experts estimate that the mountains came into being 360 million years ago when a large amount of sand and gravel accumulated here – the sand reached here through rivers flowing from the northeast.

During the dry season, these hills turn light brown in colour, while after the rains, these mountains turn black.

For thousands of years, locals have considered these mountains to be the most important part of their culture. In 1983, the media publicized these mountains to the rest of the world.

Earlier, only natives and pilots knew about the site. In 1987, it was decided that it should be given the status of a tourist destination as it is an interesting place.

The mountains and their environs were then declared a National Park. In 2003, the National Park was added to the World Heritage List.

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