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Can Any Plant Move From Place To Place?

We know plants have life and need air, water and soil to live. However, plants normally cannot move like animals and stay rooted to the spot where they grow. However, an unusual plant, which lives in parts of the American West and the Near East, can actually move from place to place in search of water.

This is a desert plant and is known as ‘resurrection plant’. Whenever there is enough water around, it grows just like any other plant, with green fernlike leaves. Nevertheless, when water is not available, it pulls up its roots and dries up. However, it does not die. It just becomes a ball of brown twigs and looks like dead. This lightweight ball is carried along the ground with the wind and can live roaming like this for many years until it finds water. Then it stops roaming, sinks its roots into the wet ground, and starts growing again. 

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