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Do You Know About The Philosophy Of Love?

What Is Love:

It is important to know and understand whether love is a kind word or a reaction to an action. To my knowledge, love is actually a part of the social contract, which can be called successful if followed. Love cannot be taken as part of any nature, but the feeling and passion of love is rewarded by the action in which emotions are created in response to the action. When it comes to man, he has “freedom” in love. But when it comes to the animal or the consciously bound life, it becomes “bound” love. In birds, trees, water, air, fire, nature has bound the requirements of what the desire and ability to want means.

The one who loves fire loves it to the point of worship, but the nature of fire is not to love but burning. He has no sense of the feelings of the self-loving. When the one who joins hands in front of the fire puts his hand in the fire, the result will be burning. There is a representation of life in the air, but in spite of man’s desire and subjugation, his fixed nature cannot be changed. In the same way, water also has the appearance of life. But the desire to go is not in his nature. Those who give water the status of the mother, if they hold their breath in water, the result is death. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. But it is not possible to find the spirit and potential of love in every living thing.

There are innumerable elements like fire, air, water, earth, stars in which life is represented. But the spirit of love cannot be found in them because they do not have the power of authority. Similarly, the spirit of love in animals is not voluntary but definite. In the same way, animals have no concept of loving human beings, but these are the habits that human beings change in their own ways. Therefore, it cannot be acknowledged that this passion for love is not limited to human beings, but that every living thing has the “desire” and the ability to love and be loved.

The concept of genetic makeup is self-created under the love of blood relationships in types or forms of love. Because man is a social animal, he quickly adapts to the environment in which he lives. Sociologists have proved in various experiments on the man that if a man is brought up in the company of an animal, he will adopt habits like animals. Parents’ concept of love for their children is linked to religion and society. This blood relationship fails due to non-existence of social agreement and the status of blood relationship becomes secondary, love is dominated by society. This blood relationship prevents him from adopting, so the main factor in the growth of love in blood relationships is the “marital agreement”.

Bloody relationships cannot be justified by love. Bloody relationships are intertwined, consistent with each other, eating and drinking, adhering to social norms, and culture. In Hindu society, it has been observed that a woman marries five men, so in the same way, the idea of ​​a second wife after having a married woman in the marriage does not exist in them. The widow was burnt alive, the brother, the parents, the relatives, in spite of the bloody relationship, performed the ritual of “sati” on their own. Therefore, the only reason for respect in bloody relationships is to live together socially and to eat and drink together. Because man is a social animal, which adjusts itself to every environment. Influence of environment is important for the concept of love between man and woman or boy and girl. Is formed.

The subtle passion of love cannot be compared to the passion of the soul. Therefore, when we weigh the limits of Islam in the scales of modern science, it is clear that the terms of close blood relations do not find it difficult to cover the problems facing the next generation. That is why Islam sets limits on respect for all such relationships of social and moral values, and these moral codes take on the status of faith under religious traditions. From his birth to his youth and old age, man is bound by moral and social bonds and adopts the concept of love accordingly. But if a person turns away from religion and adopts atheism, then when the concept of religion disappears, on the other hand, there is no justification for morality. Therefore, in blood relationships, moral and social values ​​are more important than love.

This is the subtle difference between love and lust. It is not generally understood that the very idea of ​​legitimizing all for the fulfillment of desires has weakened destructive social values. The concept of true love is beyond self-sacrifice, sacrifice, sincerity and desire. The true concept of love is to want what the beloved wants. Which is to be desired. That is not love, but the desire of the flesh. The desire for the body, the sacrifice for others, the hope of self-sacrifice, the expectation of sincerity and the desire for meaning, are actually the first step of love, but not real love. Because these are only desires and love itself is desire itself. If he wants what he wants for others, then this is love. In fact, the concept of true love and living under a social contract are two different things. True love is self-sacrifice, happiness.

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