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Flattery is Bad-Moral Story For Kids

There were many animals living in a lush green forest. The lion of the forest was old and wise due to which all the animals were living a quiet life.
The fox and the wolf have been friends since childhood. When they met, they used to talk nicely. One day, when they met, the wolf said, “The fox is hunting in the forest now. Now look at me, I’m hungry, I don’t see anything called sheep.
Now the sheep around the forest have also decreased, I am hungry for food, hunting anywhere
What do you mean? There is no prey; if there is intellect, there is a lot of prey.
B. Fox ․․․․․ Now the animals have become very smart, so scared that they hide when they see a human being, they go around when they see us.
Now Toti V cable has become so alert that they immediately call and warn, now Twitter and Wi-Fi and Facebook are also available to animals.
Well, let’s try. The fox took the wolf with him and walked towards the river. There he saw ducks and other animals swimming in the water.
The fox hid the wolf in the bushes and ran towards the ducks. The fox smiled and said to the ducks, “How are you, my friend?”
I am fine. Fox is fine today. I have heard great stories of your cunning. Can’t you see your friend the wolf today? He is sitting in the bush and saying that he can’t believe it; the fox said cunningly.

He is saying I can’t believe it; what is he saying? Duck asked in surprise, leave my friend duck; he is a wolf, what can he say; B fox said then Why is he hiding in the bush? Duck asked in surprise.

In fact, he is saying that duck feathers are very hard if its pillow is made, no one can sleep on it, but I say they are soft on you, they are beautiful, their pillow is very soft.
Your friend the wolf is wrong. They are really soft and delicate on me.
The duck put its neck in the water and took it out. Yes, this is what I said to the wolf, but he does not believe. He says that the duck’s feathers are not as soft as it is understood.
Tell him that they are the softest on me. The duck said loudly and dived into the water and went a couple of yards away and swept his feet.

I tell him that the fox turned back on you. You do it so that you give it to me on one so that he can be sure by touching it. Okay, I will give you a few on my tail. As soon as the fox moved towards the fox to give, it swallowed it and devoured it in two or four bites and sat on its soft and delicate wings as a pillow.

The wolf was watching all this in amazement, the fox said, “You can find prey here all the time, you just need to use your intellect. Understand what?”
Hearing this, the wolf came out of the bush, covered his body with mud and mud and headed towards the river.
Cleaning his body with water, he was talking to a duck that my friend the fox says.
What does she say? Duck asked in surprise.
“My friend the fox says that the feathers of the duck are very hard. After a while, the fox heard a thud and the fox realized that his friend had used the same tactic.” It is true that flattery is a bad thing. “

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