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The World’s Biggest Flower Rafflesia?

Did you that which flower is the world’s biggest flower. If you don’t know then don’t worry because today we are going to discuss The World’s Biggest Flower Rafflesia?

A strange plant called Rafflesia grows in the rainforest of Sumatra. Strange, because it has no stem and no leaves like other plants. It consists of just a single flower!

This flower is also the biggest flower on earth, often measuring more than three feet across. A well-grown Rafflesia weighs about seven kilos, and can hold about 7 litres of nectar! The seeds of this strange plant are spread by elephants! The Rafflesia lives on the exposed roots or vines of other plants, taking nourishment from these hosts. When it dies, the Rafflesia leaves a sticky, pulpy decayed mess that contains its seeds. An elephant or rhinoceros steps on it, the pulp sticks to its foot.

To wipe off the mess, the animal rubs its feet against some vine or root and the seeds when reached there, take root and start producing another huge flower.

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