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How can I overcome the fear of COVID-19?

Treat like cold and when not one? Uh, I should say you can’t think once you have covid, focusing is one topic means, pains and coughing occur to anyone who ever has covid only people that NEVER had Flu or cold that actually bad should attend hospital.
If don’t want to go hospital I could recommend, Mucinex not that I’m doctor it from experience a no smell, no taste, pains radiating, and breath anxiety when that occurs you feel like death should come quicker. Because mucus seems to fall from your nose and then never stops so it be you getting good stock in Kleenex just clear your nose all day it took while just be normal again. Trash can would be a second investment if you get this illness.
We all know what’s cold and flu, a chilly and flu does actually has chills and pains it also has fevers, the fact your coughing more, and sleeping too in odd timings.
Finding spicy foods + emergence C is probably the only thing to recover sensory recovery means. Emergen C is only used once a day while spicy foods you can eat like multiple intervals I think some point I did had the ability to taste spicy food but it hit and miss. Emergen C gives your immune system boost and you are given energy drink fluids.
How to overcome it stay calm and get pass anxiety, I think covid is fear inducer. Rest and recovery do help, Why I said Spicy is beneficial because it hot and you can feel hot factor and it will clear your nose that is a major factor. I was almost thinking of asking for can Jalapeno because it so bad. If kimchi world comes out Jalapeno pickled that would be good.
No taste medicine like flu/cold medicine has good points helping fever/ putting you sleep for body recover.
You could take vaccine unless your California state where you have wait a long time until your county is permitted. In meantime for people in California can take vitamin C supplements, drinkable, melatonin, or Turmeric supplements.
There another one helps golden milk I had made it but I don’t recommend making in the pan you love unless you like the golden colour you want sacrifice pan you might want label panhandle as golden milk cooker forever because it stains. But golden milk in question makes your stomach and body feel good. Cures colds and all bad faster.

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