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How Long Do Magnolia Trees Live?

Did you know that how long do Magnolia trees live? If you don’t know then don’t worry because today we are going to discuss that how long do magnolia trees live and will also answer to some other questions that people frequently ask about Magnolia trees but didn’t find the proper answer on Google or on any other search engine.

Average Life Span Of Magnolia Tree:

The average lifespan of the Magnolia tree is about 80-119.5 years. Southern Magnolia tends to survive for around 80 years. However, some trees live as long as 120 years.

How Fast Do Southern Magnolia Tree Grow:

Most of the people want to grow Magnolia tree quickly but you will be shocked to know that Magnolia tree is basically long term investment and their growth is very slow. The maximum growth period of the Magnolia tree is 10-20 years but if the condition of the environment is not good then it takes about 30 years to reach the mature height. Their growth is fast in hot summer season.

How can I make my magnolia tree grow faster?

In the hot summer season keeping roots moist and cool and by mulching under a Magnolia tree can spur it to grow quickly.

Do Magnolia Trees Like Coffee Grounds?

Magnolia trees (Magnolia spp.), for the most part, are among the plants that lean toward a soil pH that’s acidic. That is the reason why a few people who have soil that’s as well antacid are pulled in to the thought of sprinkling coffee grounds on the soil around their magnolia trees.

What Causes Magnolia Trees To Die?

Magnolia trees are defenceless against a disease called verticillium wilt which we also see on the smoke tree, redbud, maple, ash. Actually, Verticillium wilt is a wilt disease caused by six species of Verticillium fungi.

How Do I Get More Blossoms On My Magnolia Tree?

Magnolias can grow in shade but they blossom best and most liberally in full sun. Soil quality might too have a part within the issue. It is best to utilize wealthy, acidic, well-drained soil with a pH of 5.5 to 6.5, corrected with natural fabric. A soil test can offer assistance clarify why a magnolia tree doesn’t flower.

Are Magnolia Trees Are High Maintenance Trees?

Yes, Magnolia trees are high maintenance trees and it also depends upon the species. They need to be watered regularly until they reached their mature height. In some season the large, crispy leaves of the Magnolia tree start falling continuously and at that time the care of this tree is a very difficult task even also for professional farmers.

Where Should You Plant A Magnolia Tree?

Magnolia tree needs to be planted in those areas of the garden where sunlight falls in great amount means those spots in the garden which are hot.

How Many Times Magnolia Tree Can Bloom In A Year:

Generally, Magnolia tree can bloom twice a year. Once in spring and the other in the month of Summer.

Oldest Magnolia Tree In The World:

The Oldest Magnolia tree is present in Italy and its age is more than normal. It was planted in the year 1700 ± 20 and its age is 321 ± 20 y. The exact location of the oldest Magnolia tree in Italy is Orto Botanico Roma Largo Cristina di Svezia, Roma.

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