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How Old Are Scotch Tapes?

How Old Are Scotch Tapes?

Do you know that How old are Scotch tapes? If not then don’t worry because after reading this article you will know that how old are scotch tapes.

Using a sticking tape instead of gum is sometimes so convenient, simple and less messy. But until 1929 no such thing was available. Cellophane was invented in 1920 and is made from cellulose– a substance found in the cell wall of plants. Scientists had been thinking and trying to make a tape that could be used to seal packages that were wrapped in the cellphone. One of them had the brilliant idea to try cellophane itself to form a tape to which glue was coated.

Soon the idea was commercialised and American companies started making and selling this new kind of Transparent tape for sticking things. It was called Scotch tape for no particular reason, but the name stuck. Also, read this article Marine mystery Fish.


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