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The World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls- Most Stunning And Mind Blowing

The World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls- Most Stunning And Mind Blowing

When we talk about beauty then nature never fail to surprise us. Waterfalls are nature’s best example of stunning sight. It is something exciting about witnessing waterfalls and indeed our beautiful world is blessed with alot of waterfalls. Here are 10 The World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls- Most Stunning And Mind Blowing Waterfalls that you will wish to visit ever.

1. Plitvice Waterfall, Croatia :

The extraordinary sight in Croatia formed by 16 rivers in the national park of Croatia is Plitvice waterfall. The distinct bluish and green shades, aquamarine to Emerald and turquoise makes this waterfall really fantastic. Visually stunning tableau is formed by a lush green landscape that surround all of this. More than 1 million visitors are attracted by its beauty in one year.

2. Kawasan Fall, Cebu Island, Philippines:

The pool of the turquoise water that drop into makes this the epic scope of the world. It is located in the town of Badian on Cebu Island in Philippines. It has became instant sensation for Instagram shots on travel. Canyoneering tour should to be signed up to reach the waterfall in the best way. It will take you on an adventure in jungle before your arrival to the fall and you jump in the clear pool beneath.

3. NohKaliKai Falls, Meghalaya, India:

It is the 4th highest in the world and tallest in India. It drops from the height of 1100 feet in the wettest place on the Earth called “Cherrapunji”. This heavenly Beautiful falling on the green slopes will surely give you the best vibes. Here, there are many different viewpoint and staircases are the cliffs from where you can take the view the these stunning falls. It is said that through out the winter, the waters of this pool display brilliant blue colour while it turns in to green the the summer. The Best months to visit is October to December and March to May.

4. Victoria Fall, Zimbabwe/Zambia:

Another planet’s most beautiful and impressive waterfalls is Victoria Waterfalls on the Zambezi river between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Locally it is known as “The Smoke That Thunder”.

You can get soaked while walking on this picturesque trail on the Zimbabwe side during rainy season. And here the best views of this falls are found.

You would be taken to close and personal with the impressive wall of water that plunges over a 1.7Kilometer-wide precipice which is more than 100 meters deep. At the top of the fall on the Zambian side you can even swim in the Devil’s Pool.


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