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Nation MDCAT Paper 2020 with Answers:

Nation MDCAT Paper 2020 with Answers:


  1. If during circular motion residential love story of a body becomes double then centripetal force becomes:
  • Fourth times
  • Double
  • One half
  • One fourth

2. Under what condition an object will have zero displacement but non zero distance?

  • Circular motion
  • Linear motion
  • Random motion
  • Vibratory motion

3. Which one of the following properties is not exhibited by longitudinal wave?

  • Reflection
  • Polarization
  • Deflection
  • Interference

4. The speed of sound in air is 332 meter per second. The speed of sound at 22 degree centigrade will be:

  • 340 meter per second
  • 345.2 meter per second
  • 350 meter per second
  • 330 meter per second


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