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Pakistan’s 4 tourist destinations whose beauty is unparalleled in the world

In our country, the honeymoon season usually begins after the wedding and the newlyweds turn to some recreational place to enhance the beauty of the early moments of their lives – some people take their honeymoon outdoors. The country travels by tourism, but now travel restrictions have made it difficult to travel outside the country due to the coronavirus. There is no better opportunity than the beauty tourism of our country. Not only are you an example in terms of beauty but travelling here can be cheaper as well as easier and more memorable.

1: Bayon Valley:

The Bayon Valley is a short distance from Swat and Kalam which consists of many beautiful and atmospheric villages. The scenery here is a sight to behold. In fact, they will make your honeymoon the most memorable – to get there you will have to take the road to the Swat Valley for which the best roads from Islamabad and Peshawar have been built and its There are also high-end hotels for accommodation.

2. Eagle Nest:

The place is named after a hotel near it. Reaching the Hunza Valley and watching the sunset from the Eagle Nest is a scene that can be remembered for ages. The rays of the setting sun from this height Enhances beauty.

3.Yarkhan Valley:

It is located in the Chitral Valley and the most beautiful aspect of this place is that it has not been crowded with tourists so far – that is why this place is present with its natural beauty. Its scenery is captivating where the big ones There are mountain ranges. To travel to this place, you need to have your own ride. Although the roads are not very good, the Gazan Valley is also visible nearby. In addition, the mountains of Dara Thui The series offers beautiful views stretching as far as Gilgit.

4. Shimshal valley:

It is important for a couple going for a honeymoon in this valley that they are keen on adventure and they are interested in discovering new places from time to time. Man has to have his own jeep on which he can travel – besides there are beautiful villages as well as high mountain ranges on which those who are eager to climb accept these challenges and reach the top of the mountains. You can capture more beautiful scenes in your camera.

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