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How Do People Have Different Coloured Eyes?

Did you know that How Do People Have Different Coloured Eyes? If not then don’t worry because today here at knowledgemag we will discuss about How Do People Have Different Coloured Eyes?

The shape of the eye is round, except for the little bulge in the front part. This curve in front is called the cornea. The cornea is transparent and it helps the light rays enter the eye.

Around the entrance is the coloured part of the eye called the iris. To regulate the light that enters the eye, we have the iris and pupil. The little black dot in the centre is the pupil. The size of the pupil is controlled by the iris according to the brightness of the light available. If the eye has to see something in a very bright light the opening becomes very small, if the light is dim, the opening becomes large.

The iris has pigment in it to protect itself against the light. Everyone has pigment at the rear part of the iris. But only few people have it at the front, when the front part has no pigment at the front, it remains almost transparent. It absorbs the yellow and red light waves as the ray of light pass through it. The remaining light that bounces off the pigment at the rear of the eye is mostly blue. And this is why we see that the eyes are blue.

If the front part of the iris also develops pigment, it absorbs different kinds of light rays and the colour of the eyes depends on the light bouncing back from the rear of the iris. Sometimes a person has blue eyes when young, but brown eyes later in life because it takes some time to develop pigment at the front of the iris. Also, read this article Why Can’t The Heart Ever Rest.

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