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Properties Of Cathode rays

Following are the few properties of cathode rays

1. Travel in straight line:

Cathode rays travel in straight lines. when some non-transparent(opaque) object is placed in their path, they produce shadow on fluorescent screen. This discovery was made by J.W.Hittorf.

2. Negatively charged rays:

These rays are deflected towards positive plate, when passed through the electric field. It means that they are negatively charged. This was demonstrated by J. Perrine and J.J Thomson.

3. Material Nature:

Cathode rays are actually stream cathode of particles with definite mass and velocity. It rotates a light paddle wheel if placed in their path. It means, these rays have material nature and posses kinetic energy and momentum. This was demonstrated by William Crookes.

4. Deflection in magnetic field:

Cathode rays are deflected in the magnetic field at right angle to the joining lines of two poles. This was demonstrated by J.J Thomson.

5. Fluorescence:

Cathode rays produce fluorescence on the walls of the glass tube.

6. X-Rays production:

Cathode rays produce x-rays when strike with metal.


They can cause a chemical change, because they have reducing effect.

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