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How Can We Prevent From Stomach Diseases, Medicine Experts

Medical experts have said that there is a risk of spreading diseases in the scorching heat, stomach ailments are common, avoid poultry foods and increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables, water and soft drinks can prevent diseases.
Dr Omar Sultan, the Consultant Physician at Jinnah Hospital, says that in hot weather, stomach ailments including diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach ache, abdominal pain, hand affected people come to the hospital in large numbers, youth and children, fritters, samosas, They are more prone to burgers and greasy foods, which makes them more susceptible to these diseases.

He said that fruits, vegetables, cold drinks and water should be consumed as much as possible by avoiding greasy food and beverages in the scorching heat. During the scorching heat in 2015, dozens of citizens fell victim to heatstroke. There are fears of extreme heat in Ramadan this year as well. There is a risk of heatstroke in extreme heat in which the affected person starts sweating profusely and dizzy.
Dr Omar Sultan said that in order to avoid extreme heat, citizens should not go out in the hot sun unnecessarily from 11 am to 5 pm, if necessary, cover their heads and drink ORS in plain water if the patient’s body temperature rises If so, take it to a shady place immediately.
He said that more caution is required in eating and drinking during hot weather and consumption of poultry and chit-patty foods should be reduced as they can cause stomach acidity. Eating too much meat in extreme heat can upset the stomach. Avoid eating substandard items sold at stalls.
Dr Noman Nasir, Otolaryngologist at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, says that with the change of weather, sore throat, ear and nose diseases increase, sore throat, cold and flu, which has led to the use of light food to stay safe. Go out in the scorching heat with a handkerchief on your head

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