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Top 10 Most Dangerous Airports In The World

Aeroplanes are one of the most important inventions among all the inventions of human beings Nowadays thousands of people can cover thousands of miles journey in a short interval of time. Today we will talk about the Top 10 most dangerous airports in the world.

1. Paro Airport Bhutan:

If you want to fly into Bhutan, you only have one choice. Paro airport is the only airport in the entire country and it is also one of the most harrowing on the planet. Landing there is literally a life or death experience. Bhutan is a tiny country surrounded entirely by the Himalayan mountains and what do aeroplanes hate more than just about anything in the world. That’s right. Mountains not only is the country surrounded by them. They all about conceal the airport until the last minute. It means that the pilot has to navigate by sight multiple jagged edges in pigs while quickly descending to the runway after one final super-sharp 45-degree turn.

They do all this while dealing with heavy turbulence caused by the powerful mountain winds upon landings passengers literally cheer. They do so both to applaud the pilot’s expertise and pinpoint flying abilities and to celebrate the simple fact that they are still alive.

If you’re a pilot and think you can fly Bhutan’s dangerous skies, you’re probably wrong.

Currently, only eight people are qualified to fly into Paro airport and even they can only arrive in the daytime, you stand a better chance of getting struck by lightning right after winning the lottery with a ticket you purchased from the Loch Ness Monster.

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