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Top 6 Apps That Helps You To Improve Your Mental Health

The brain controls the whole body. If the brain works properly, the body also works properly. Therefore, we must keep our brain healthy. In today’s modern age, there are applications that help the brain. They play an important role in making you healthy. You are given such exercises through these apps. Which removes all kinds of worries and fatigue from your mind, which makes you feel calm.

Now we are going to tell you about some of the apps that will help you to improve your mental health. But before that, we want to inform you about some studies of mental health organizations.

According to a 2015 survey by the World Health Organization (WHO), 15,000 mental health applications are found to be 29% effective in diagnosing and treating mental health.

Public health organizations such as the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and the US National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) say mental health apps are effective and affordable in treating mental health.

1. Mindshift:

Mindshift is a great app designed specifically for teens. It saves you from disturbing emotions as well as helps you find those lazy ones. Helps to calm down dissatisfaction, performance anxiety, anxiety and conflict.

2. Super Better:

This is such a game. It can be played by people over 13 years of age. This app encourages you to deal with the difficulties and obstacles in life. This app allows you to adopt new habits, strengthen relationships, improve skills and fulfil your dreams. Helps you meet In addition to your depression and anxiety, it also helps relieve fatigue.

3. Calm:

In 2017, the iPhone company’s Calm Application was named as the “Application of the Year”. This app contains more than a hundred instructions to improve fatigue, anxiety and sleep. This app is incredible. It has different categories that give different instructions to the new user and the old user. Whether you use this application daily or sometimes it is still up to you. It will have a positive effect.

4. Breath To Relax:

Most of the time, the heart wants a person to take a deep breath and calm down in such a way that there is no work, fatigue or anxiety in life. The Breath To Relax app has been created to achieve similar comfort. With this app you can better control your emotions. Developed by the National Center for Telehealth and Technology, this is a portable device that creates a special skill in the user called Diaphragmatic Breath. This skill helps to reduce the response of stress hormones “Adrenaline and Cortisol” to your body. Breath To Relax Application This app is now being used in Apple watches as well.

5. Mood Tool:

Mood tool “Mood Tool” As the name suggests, this tool aims to improve human mood. This tool improves the mood of the user through Clinical Depression and immediately you become happy with grief, anger, stress. You can also search for various videos and other entertainment programs through this app to improve your mood. This app also has various programs like Depression Tests and Thought Diary.

Depression Tests: In this program, you can find the symptoms of depression in yourself with the help of a questionnaire.

Through Thought Diary you write down the negative thoughts that come to your mind in a diary and think about it later. Which gives you a better solution. This way you can make your mood pleasant.

6. Happify:

Happify is a great app for overcoming negative thoughts and stress. No matter how anxious, worried and depressed you are, it will help you to control your thoughts and emotions. 86% of users of this application Has noticed a significant change in his life within two months. Happify Application (Happify Application) offers various activities and games to create satisfaction in your life and eliminate negative thinking.


All these applications are available for free on Play Store and Apple Store.

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