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Top 6 Unbelievable Rules For Royal Family Employees

First of all, the idea of living together in the palace with the royal family seems like a myth. However, the employees of the British royal family will not really agree with us. While they see it as an honour, there are some unbelievable rules they have to follow that most of us would find unrealistic. So, today we will discuss the Top 6 Unbelievable Rules For Royal Family Employees.

1. Walking on the carpet:

Employees of the royal family palace are not allowed to walk in the middle of the carpet, and this can only be done by members of the royal family – employees must walk around the hallway – thus protecting the carpet from unnecessary footprints.

2. planning:

It is also the responsibility of the maid to take care of the children and to give the members of the royal family such ideas that can help them to spend time together.

3. Carpet cleaning:

Employees cannot use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet before 10 a.m. in the palace – so ordinary dusters are used to clean the staff. this law is strictly enforced because the voice of Vacuum cleaner may disturb the sleep of members of the royal family.

4. Hairstylist:

Members of the royal family have to look beautiful all the time – which means a hairdresser must be present at the palace at all times – even when Kate Middleton gave birth to a baby. The presence of the stylist who set Kate’s hair was ensured.

5. The staff did not show up:

It is also a rule for royal family employees not to look around unnecessarily or to make their voices heard – it is important for them to be absent from the scene until their presence at that moment. Don’t make me feel unnecessary.

6. Employees of Prince Charles:

Prince Charles doesn’t do many things – his servants take off his clothes as well as his right and left foot socks separately – he also takes out a towel for them – even the employee is Prince Charles’s. They also apply toothpaste on the toothbrush.

So, these are some of the Top 6 Unbelievable Rules For Royal Family Employees. Also, read this article Top 5 Best Documentary Channels Of Pakistan.

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