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What Are Emeralds?

What Are Emeralds?

Today we will discuss about Emeralds. So let’s start reading this great post about emeralds at knowledgemag.

Emerald is one of the most expensive stones. All gems are normally called precious stones. But strictly speaking, only diamonds, rubies, emerald and saffire are the real precious stones. They are also the most expensive ones. The other stones, also used in jewellery items are called semi-precious stones.

Emerald is a green-coloured stone. It is a variety of mineral which is known as Beryl. In ancient times, the Egyptian mines were the most active source of getting Emeralds. But now there are other places also which provide this green stone. North Carolina, Colombia, some places in Russia and South Africa too have Emeralds in good amount.

Emeralds are one of the soft stones. If an emerald is of a good quality, it has a clear rich green colour. The clearer the stone, the more its price. Being a soft stone it is seldom found flawless.


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