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What Is A Narwhal?: Body colour Of Narwhal

Today we will discuss about Narwhal.


Narwhal is one of the unusual whale found chiefly in the Arctic waters. Narwhal is a toothed whale ( Monodon Monoceros).

In a narwhal, the left of the two teeth is developed into a very long unicorn-like tusk. It is twisted in a left-handed spiral and can be more than nine feet long!

The body of the narwhal is grey and has darker and lighter marks on it. It has a bluntly rounded head and has no fin on the dorsal side. Narwhal grows to about 15 feet in length.

Narwhal are gregarious and live in groups of twenty or more. They eat squid and fish for living.

The long sword-like tusk is found only in the male narwhal. The right tooth of the male and both teeth of the female usually remain in the deep sockets in the skull. In baby narwhals, many small teeth can be found which disappear soon after birth.

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