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What Is Quarantine?

What is meant by Quarantine? You have often heard in the news that a well-known & prominent person was tested on account of suspected corona symptoms and upon the positive result, the doctor advised him to go into quarantine.

Definitely, a Question will arise in the mind of the person who heard this word for the first time. Now let discuss the origin of this word.

1.Whether it is the name of a particular city or area,?

2.whether it refers to specific hospitals where corona patients are treated?

3.whether the word is used for a particular type of building?

Furthermore, people are interested to know that What does this word mean in Urdu and English language Let us give you some interesting information about quarantine or what is isolation during the coronavirus disease pandemic?

Origin Of The Word:

In the English language, this word is added from the Latin language quarantine and the Italian word Quaranta, Now in most parts of the world, it is used as quarantine, in India and Pakistan it is called قرنطینہ.

Literal Meaning:

literally, it means the number of 40. The word quarantine was in use for the period of forty days in which a widow could stay in her house after the death of her husband (According to Islam which is also called عدت.


In the medical, it means to stop or bound or isolate an infected person for a specific period of time depends upon the condition of the patients till his recovery just to save others healthy persons from his infection, while the term literally means to treat a particular person.

Although the idea of isolating people for medical purposes is very old and was found in BC, the word was first used in modern history to refer to the Italian city of Venice in the fourteenth century or later. During this period, an epidemic plague ( طاعون )spread across Europe, in (1347-50) which killed more than one forth population of Europe..In that century the law of quarantine was made officially. In the present country Croatia the city Ragusa the word was used as Trinteeno which means 30. The orders of isolation were issued for the people who came from an infected area of Plaque. Which later on changed into quarantine.

In 1793 in Philadelphia yellow fever the boatsmen were isolated or quarantined in a hospital outside the city.

In 1982 Typhus temperature was spread in New York, almost seventy persons were quarantined in a nearby island.

In 2003 about 30000 people were quarantined in the city of Turanto due to epidemic sars.

Nowadays this word in practice due to endemic corona disease all over the world.

Difference Between Quarantine And Isolation :

ISOLATION: The word isolation means to sit alone or to stay alone not to mix with other people. Normally isolation is for a short period of time. A student can sit in isolation to study in a room. Sick people can be isolated from healthy ones due to easily diffusable or easily spread diseases from one person to another.

QUARANTINE: Quarantine is basically isolation for a specific period of time extending from days to weeks depending on the disease and condition of the patient. People with epidemic or endemic diseases having contagious diseases are restricted or bound their exposure to infect other healthy people. This routine is in practice for a long time ago. Now you know that what is quarantine?

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