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Why Technical Education Is Necessary

Art is an Arabic word which means skill or craftsmanship. Every age has different requirements and needs. This age is the age of development and the most important need of this age is an artistic skill. Artistic training reveals the hidden talents of man. And it helps to get a decent job.

Countries that understand the need for technical education and require technical skills are moving so fast. Where there is a shortage of technical experts, they need other developed countries to develop.

The younger generation spends half of their time pursuing degrees and a half in search of employment. There are a few thousand jobs in the public sector that are bound by chains of recommendation and bribery and young people are employed despite being educated. Failure to obtain the education due to which they either fall prey to Ma UC or take the wrong path and some become discouraged and commit suicide which leads to serious action. If the young generation of education. At the same time, if I am attracted toward skills, then I can deal with the economic problem. If I take a short course with education, such as mobile repairing, electrician, electrical wiring, civil draftsman, refrigeration and air conditioning, other technical Courses such as 3D painting, fashion designing, electrical appliances, etc. can secure your future. This is the age of mechanization. In this day and age, a skilled person is more important than a writer. A blacksmith is more important than a BA degree holder. It is better because the blacksmith will get a job easily because of his art when the graduate will apply for a lot of space. Skilled man can easily create livelihood and can also strengthen the economy of the country. Skill plays an important role in eliminating unemployment. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) also liked skill. There was a question once when he came to the service of صَلَ کہاى اللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّم and said, “O Messenger! If you are very poor, tell me an action that will end this poverty. ”He called for an axe from him and encouraged him with the skill of cutting wood and selling it. Similarly, Hazrat Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “I like it when I see a tough young man, but when it is said that he has no skills, he falls out of my sight,” he said. “Skills are the best way to earn a living and it is expensive.” It is said that the literacy rate in Sri Lanka is 98% but they are facing poverty due to lack of technical training. After the establishment of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam said, “Our people need immediate scientific and technological advancement. There is an urgent need to acquire skills so that the future of the economic condition of the country can be strengthened. “There is a great need for attention in the field of technical education in Pakistan. There are polytechnic institutes here but the courses are not modern. There is an urgent need to upgrade them. There is a need for technical experts to make progress in every field. The government needs curriculum. Must include a single curriculum of technical skills and increase the number of technical training institutes and the fees of these training institutes should be kept to a minimum so that the students can bear their expenses and more people can acquire technical skills and lead the country. Take it to the heights.

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