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Will The Sun Ever Stop Shining?

Scientists tell us that after about five billion years the sun will begin to die, even as all stars do. First, the sun will get hotter, then it’ll probably swell. Slowly it will become much, much bigger. As it grows bigger, its colour will change from yellow to red .as it grows bigger it will pour out more heat. The Earth will become so hot that all the rivers, ponds, lakes and oceans will boil and turn into steam. All plants and animals will die.
After about a billion more years, the sun will start shrinking .it will become smaller and smaller. the colour will change from red to white. Its brightness will fade. Its will become cooler and smaller, and finally be a dead, black ball, a little smaller than the earth.
when the heat given by the sun starts reducing, the clouds of steam around the earth will turn back into water and fall as rain. Oceans and lakes will fill up again .but as the sun grows cooler, the earth will also grow colder. All the water will freeze. Earth will become a lifeless ball of rock and ice-cold, dark and silent.

We’ve got the science on this down very well today. The sun is currently operating in what’s called the “main sequence”. It is a sequence common for suns of comparable size to ours. It is a time when the force of gravity in the sun and the elements (mainly hydrogen) being fused within create a balance between the nuclear reactions within and the crush of gravity.

This will continue until the mass of the sun and the fuel it is burning reach a point that main sequence sustainability can no longer be maintained. Four our sun, as it leaves the main sequence, it will likely become a red giant, and then a white dwarf. At this stage, although it would still emit light, it will for our purpose here, not longer be “shinning” in the sense of this discussion.

The reason it is no longer shinning is that it has consumed the fuel necessary to keep shinning.

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