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Essay Type Test: Advantages, Disadvantages, Limitations:

Essay Type Test:

An essay test is an assessment technique that compels students to respond thoroughly to a question or prompt by developing systemization and writing an original composition. The purpose of an essay test is to assess students’ abilities to construct a logical solid and convincing writing piece.

Advantages Of Essay Type Test:

1. Study Habits:

Such tests produce good study habits in the pupils. Such tests induce good study habits in the pupils.

2. Reduce Guessing:

The guesswork can be reduced to a large extent.

3. Easy To Construct:

Such tests are easier to construct and administer.

4. Degree Of Comprehensiveness :

This test is helpful to measure all degrees of comprehensiveness and accuracy.

5. Logical Thinking:

These help in developing the power of logical thinking, critical reasoning systematic presentation in students.

6. Creativity:

Such tests provide an opportunity for the child to show his creativity, originality of thought, fertility of their imagination etc.

7. Enhance Thinking Ability:

These types of tests are considered to be best for measuring ability to organize ideas effectively, ability to criticize or justify a statement, ability to interpret etc.

8. Complex Learning:

It’s helpful to measure complex learning outcomes.

9. Individual Differences:

It’s helpful to determine the individual differences.

Limitations Or Disadvantages Of Essay Type Test:

Defects of Essay Type Test From The Point Of View Of Students:

1. Low Objectivity:

The essay type tests are less objective and so they lack validity.

2. Cramming Habit:

Essay type of test increase the child’s cramming habit capacity. 

3. Lack Of Relaibility:

These tests lack the dependability of essay type test is low as compared to various multiple-choice questions or objective type questions.

4. Selective Study:

A student is constrained or bound to study a selective script of his course. He often guesses the questions from which may probably have an element of chance from an exam point of view.

5. Subjectivity Of Scoring:

The subjectivity of scoring is the most drawback of an essay sort test, which implies that individual likes and loathes play a critical part within the checking.

6. Burden Of Students:

It puts a lot of burden on the students. It keeps the student busy and fall of nervous tension.

7. Scope Of Favouritism:

Partiality is another imperfection of essay sort tests since the educator gives more marks to their top choice understudies.

8. Time Consuming:

It is time-consuming on part of students like the speed of writing and good writing style consume enough time of students.

9. Low Validity:

It has less content validity.

Defects Of Essay Type Test From The Point Of View Of Teacher:

  1. The primary and the preeminent point of the educator is the shinning victory of all his /her understudies for that reason he tries to cover the constrained and the foremost important contents of the syllabus first and his focus is the maximum students to get through the examination.

2. The instruction Programmed of the instructor is entirely examination-oriented and the essential guideline for instructing his understudies are given the slightest thought.

3. The educator is compelled ———————-to empower his understudies to pack which isn’t a mental strategy of instructing.

4. Since the instructor is judged by the comes about of his understudies so everything gets to be subservient to the examination

5. To show good results sometimes the teacher devotes a good deal of his time to indulge in guesswork which affects his teaching.

Mathematical Question:

In math practice tests, students are tested for the different types of questions related to various equations and problem-solving. This also increases quantitative reasoning. The questions in this section cover algebra, geometry, data analysis and problem-solving etc.

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